# Docker

# What is Docker?

Docker is a virtualization platform used to create and deploy applications by using containers.

It is widely used in the industry as it provides developers an easy way of packaging and effortlessly deploying their applications on many systems!

Docker accelerates a developers workflow while providing the flexibility with using their choice of tools, deployment variables and much more!

# What are Containers?

Containers are lightweight, standalone, executable packages that can be easily run from one computer to the next.

Inside a container, it contains all of the necessary libraries and dependencies required.

Containers make use of a shared underlying OS kernel to run their applications as opposed to traditionally running multiple VMs each with their own individual OS.

Find out more about containers and their benefits!

# Why Docker?

# How do I get started?

# Docker 101 for developers!

In this course, you will learn the Docker basics through a series of interactive tutorials!

# Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets save you time and energy by giving you essential syntax at your fingertips.

# Docker Basic CLI Cheat Sheet

# Docker Compose Cheat Sheet

An essential and comprehensive list of most Docker commands with usage examples!
A DockerFile and definition cheat sheet!

# Interactive Labs

# Katacoda

Get more hands on experience with Docker and containers through interactive labs and scenarios!

# Play with Docker

More labs and tutorials that are specific to Developers, System Administrators and more!

# Docker Tools

# Portainer.io

Setup and deploy your containers with a click of a button!

# Curated Libraries

# Awesome Docker

A curated list of awesome resources, projects, tools and other things related to Docker!

# Next Steps: Container Orchestration

Comfortable with Docker and want to take your learning to the next step? Deploy and scale your applications with container orchestration systems!

# Kubernetes

The most popular container orchestration system used to launch and scale your applications!

# Docker Swarm

Another widely used orchestration system for managing containers!