# Projects

UTM's Hacklab provides space and guidance for students to work on projects. We encourage students to explore areas of technology that they are passionate about by building exploratory or implementation projects.

You can reach out to the student contributors via their emails on Outlook or Microsoft Teams involved in the project to see how you can get involved!

If you have a project you'd like featured, you can:

# Backendless.io

Backendless is a PAAS that helps with speed, deployment, auto-scaling and geo-analytics for the creation and maintainence of backend applications out of the box.

All this is maintained while having a 0% learning curve for existing Php and SQL developers.

More advanced features like Transaction Control, oauth 2.0 and an evergrowing set of extensions are also available via the backendless market.


  • Rahul Ravindran - Primary Contact

✉️ rahulravindran.in@gmail.com

# Toonin

Toonin is a Chrome Extension coupled with a web app that allows your friends to Tune In to what you're listening to.


  • Lakshya Gupta - Primary Contact

✉️ lakshya.gupta

  • Arsala Bangash - Primary Contact

✉️ arsala.bangash

# Nox

Nox is a platform designed to enhance the quality of lecture-style education by enabling students to anonymously pose questions and collectively rate their comfort level of the course material, all in real time.

  • Shoaib Khan - Primary Contact

✉️ shoaiba.khan

  • Ali Chaudhry - Primary Contact

✉️ achaudhral.chaudhry

  • Tahir Muhammad - Primary Contact

✉️ tahir.muhammad

# TimerTable

A tool to arrange courses into a timetable automatically. Currently supports UTM and St. George campuses. Uses an efficient algorithm to find up to millions of solutions in seconds.

  • Chao You - Primary Contact

✉️ chao.you

# UofT Course Tools

We're unifying UofT's course data, and using it to build tools such as a course guide and timetable planner.

  • Arsala Bangash - Primary Contact

✉️ arsala.bangash