# Contributing

# Ideas

The Hacklab website is still young, and you get to define it's future!

If you have an idea, please head over to our Github Issues page and open an issue.

We'll have a member of the Hacklab technology team follow up and potentially mentor you

About Github Issues

Issues are a great way to keep track of tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your projects. They’re kind of like email—except they can be shared and discussed with the rest of your team. Most software projects have a bug tracker of some kind. GitHub’s tracker is called Issues, and has its own section in every repository.

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# Code

utmhacklab.tech is built in the open over on Github

Our website is built with Vuepress, a static site generator powered by Vue.

# Setup

To run the website on your computer, you'll need to install the libraries used to build our website.

git clone https://github.com/utm-hacklab/utmhacklab.tech
cd utmhacklab.tech
npm install

# Running the website locally

npm start

# Adding content

The Vuepress documentation will be your best friend as you're learning how to navigate the repository.

Vuepress renders HTML from Markdown. You can learn Markdown using interactive tutorials here.

# Asking for help

If you run into trouble, please ask for help on our Discord or Microsoft Teams communities.

Asking good questions

Stack Overflow has an excellent guide on How do I ask a good question?