# Clubs


The MCSS encourages a social, academic and career-related support system among students and faculty. The Society encourages faculty and student interaction outside of the formal lecture, tutorial and lab setting.

# UTM Robotics Club

With a new Robotics faculty at UTM, the Robotics club seeks to empower the club's members and the broader student community to collaborate effectively on robotics projects. We hope to create a place for innovation for applied computer science, and promote interest in robotics and its applications for students at UTM.


The Women in Science and Computing club (WiSC) exists to create a welcoming space for those who identify as female in STEM. We hope to retain female students in STEM programs and build a connected support community and prepare them for their future.


Developer Student Clubs (DSC) is a student lead community backed by Google Developers aimed at empowering undergraduate students from all disciplines to grow their knowledge in technology, build solutions for their local communities, and connect with other members from the Google community.


UTM SAM believes in the power of collaboration. UTMSAM is dedicated to bringing talents from the technological aspect and the business aspect together. By filling out each others’ knowledge gap, we could accomplish so much more!