UTM Hacklab

Supporting UTM MCS Students

Office Space and Guidance

The Hacklab provides a space for students at UTM with guidance on their academic and professional roadmaps by students from the community.

Research and Development

We R&D creative processes and tools for the student community to succeed.

Supporting MCS societies

The Hacklab provides space and resources for MCS clubs that serve particular student needs and concerns.

# What is the Hacklab?

The UTM Hacklab is an MCS department initiative made for the students of UTM. We're located in room 2014 in UTM's Deerfield Hall building.

# A collaborative project space

Projects are an important component of a student candidate's evaluation package because technology companies are looking for students that:

  • Have experienced the exploratory self-initiated nature of working on real world projects
  • Have exposed themselves to similar processes and technologies involved in building projects in the industry.

# We research and develop for the student community

Hacklab coordinators and members R&D processes and technologies that help students succeed academically and professionally.

With the interest of students in mind, we curate resources from around the internet and produce original content.

# The support wing for MCS societies

The UTM MCS community is home to a number of clubs that the Hacklab supports logistically and technically.

Learn more about the clubs available to you here

# How do I join the Hacklab?

The Hacklab is still setting up its near to long term infrastructure.

At the moment, the best ways to get involved are:

  • Joining our digital communities on Discord or Microsoft Teams
  • Contributing to this website. Learn how!
  • Engaging with us in person by visiting our office at UTM in Deerfield Hall Room 2014. We'll be posting our office hours for the upcoming term soon!

Don't be shy

If you come visit us in person when our doors are open, we'll do our best to ensure that you are heard 🙂